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PRO HOUSE WASHERS LLC· January 1st, 2018

Brian Tyrrell is the owner of Pro Window Washer & Pro House Washers.

Brian started washing windows for two national restaurant franchises back in 1990. The owner of the local Subway had a problem. Remember this is back in 1990. Vinyl awnings were a new technology. Traditional cleaning methods were harming the new vinyl awning systems.

Brian hopped on a plane and headed to Florida. He attended a variety of industry-sponsored training classes provided by the Association: Industrial Fabrics of America or IFA©… The classes taught him how to properly clean a wide variety of vinyl materials.

He returned and began soft washing the vinyl awnings & storefronts for two of the fastest-growing restaurant franchises in the U.S. A.

His territory covered Northern Iowa up to Northern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. He has been using the soft washing technique to clean vinyl ever since.

His company also power washed the building’s signs/parking lots & entryways plus completed every job by performing a highly detailed window cleaning of every restaurant.

He has witnessed a steady increase in the quality of vinyl siding over the decades; however Vinyl / Steel & Stucco siding still needs to be properly cleaned without damaging landscaping. Pro House Washers will work with you to come up with the best package for maintaining your home while embracing cutting edge technology in every phase of cleaning your home’s exterior.

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