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With over 30 years of experience, Pro House Washers is the name to trust when it comes to commercial pressure washing in Rochester, MN. Call (507) 319-4431 or request a quote online.

A dirty exterior to your building could bury your prospects with customers. Before that happens, be sure to call Pro House Washers for commercial pressure washing in Rochester, MN.

For more than 30 years, our professionals have cleaned the fingerprint-smudged doors, gum-stained walkways, and grime-caked signage that present serious concerns to the bottom line of a healthy business. It’s an important undertaking, but we know just what to do when it comes to: 

Commercial Pressure Washing Rochester MN

Whether your property displays a coating of algae, moss, exhaust, gum, grime, or dust, our Pro House Washers team can handle all the dirty work. Leave the cleaning to us! That way, you can get back to focusing on leaving your competitors in the dust.

Read our customer reviews to find out why we are a trusted provider of commercial pressure washing in Rochester, MN.

Types of Properties That Need Commercial Pressure Washing

Strip malls and other commercial retail centers require commercial pressure washing due to the large amount of foot traffic they receive every day. Walkways, sidewalks, and parking areas quickly get saturated with cigarette butts, gum stains, and trash.

Our Pro House Washers team can quickly pressure-wash all the affected areas. Consequently, your business will look more welcoming and professional again.

Our Pro House Washers team can provide commercial pressure washing and exterior cleaning services at regular intervals to keep your properties sparkling. Our industry specialists offer gum removal, walkway cleaning, rust removal, driveway cleaning, oil stain removal, building washing, window cleaning, roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, and more.

Call us for a free consultation on regularly scheduled upkeep of your large-scale commercial real estate.

With hundreds of students roaming the grounds of your elementary, middle, or high school complex, your property can get dirty quickly. However, our Pro House Washers commercial pressure washing can remove dirt, grime, algae, gum, and other stains to get your school back to looking its best.

Commercial pressure washing is essential at fuel stations to keep them looking great and also for safety reasons. Think about it—every vehicle that stops in the parking lot leaves oil and other fluids behind. If not cleaned promptly, oil and other fluid buildup on the lot can become a fire hazard.

If you need help keeping your gas station lot safe and clean, call us at Pro House Washers now to receive a free consultation for regularly scheduled cleanings.

Each place of religious worship brings unique challenges when it comes to cleaning. Older buildings typically struggle to control years of algae growth. On the other hand, newer places of worship may have so much square footage that keeping it all clean is a difficult task.

Regardless of the challenge your religious property holds, our Pro House Washers cleaning crew can provide the commercial pressure washing and building washing services you need.

Renters expect property managers to keep their units clean for them, so they do not spend much time or money cleaning their apartment exteriors themselves. Furthermore, it’s important for multi-unit apartment complexes to maintain appearances so you can continue to attract tenants. However, apartment complexes often go years without the commercial pressure washing services they need.

If you’re an owner or manager and want to keep your complex clean so you can gain an edge on competing housing, be sure to rely on our Pro House Washers building washing services.

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