Difference Between Soft Washing and Power Washing

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Whether soft washing or pressure washing, Rochester, MN residents know that they need the best cleaning services available to protect their homes against the elements year-round. But when people spring for professional cleaning services, they often don’t know that there’s a difference between those two types of washing.

Both pressure washing and soft washing clean your home and remove dirt, mold, mildew, and debris. However, they are distinctly different methods that approach a similar problem in unique ways.

What Is Pressure Washing?

As the name implies, pressure washing uses high-pressure water to blast all unwanted substances away from your home. While pressure washers all come in different sizes and strengths, they all rely on high-velocity water flow to remove imperfections.

Pressure washing is best when used on hard, sturdy surfaces that can withstand high-pressure water flow. Even at the standard 1300 PSI, pressure washing is one of the most effective solutions for removing mold growth and dirt stains from concrete and paved areas.

But while pressure washing is effective for cleaning some surfaces, it should only be used sparingly and by trained professionals. Amateurs who attempt to clean their own homes with pressure washing in Rochester, MN are risking damage to their wooden fencing, decks, and vinyl siding.

What Is Soft Washing?

Soft washing is the lower-velocity alternative to pressure washing. While soft washing services still use higher-pressure water than a standard garden hose could produce, the water pressure is low- enough to ensure the safety of weaker home fixtures.

Soft washing uses robust cleaning solutions to compensate for the lack of water pressure. That way, cleaners can still remove stains and dirt from surfaces without breaking your home’s siding or fencing.

Soft washing is ideal for window cleaning and removing stains from wooden decks because it relies on low-pressure water. However, this cleaning method often takes longer to complete than pressure washing and can create stains of its own due to the cleaning chemicals.

Is There a Difference Between Pressure Washing and Power Washing?

You might have heard of pressure and power washing in the past and assumed that the two terms are interchangeable.

However, pressure washing and power washing are two different cleaning methods. And while they are similar, with both using high-pressure water to wash away dirt and stains, there is one significant difference between them: water temperature.

Power washers use heated water to sanitize surfaces and remove mold and mildew build-up. And while they are highly effective at removing stains, power washers are robust machines that are dangerous to use without training. As such, they are only available to commercial cleaners.

Professional Pressure Washing Services from Pro House Washers

For premium residential and commercial pressure washing in Rochester, MN, turn to the experts at Pro House Washers. Our team utilizes both soft washing and pressure washing to give your home the most thorough cleaning possible.


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