Differences Between Soft Washing and Power Washing

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When you order pressure washing service for your home, you need to know the difference between soft washing and power washing. The best thing that you can do is speak to an expert who can explain how each process keeps your home in excellent condition. In this blog, Brian Tyrrell, our owner at Pro House Washers here in Rochester, MN, has contributed his expertise to help explain the distinction between these two quite different approaches.

Since your home’s exterior consists of a variety of materials and substances, it’s essential to make sure that your pressure washer uses the appropriate cleaning process for each area to avoid damage. Our professionals know to use a mixture of soft and power washing to make your home sparkle. We love to help clients prepare their homes and yards for family gatherings, an open house, or simply to keep their home’s curb appeal looking perfect — the envy of their neighbors!

What Is Power Washing?

Power washing is a high-pressure wash that we use to clean brick, stone, and concrete. This very high-power spray is the washing process for cleaning hard surfaces around the property that are almost impossible to damage, such as concrete or paved surfaces. However, we still use adjustable spray levels even on patios, sidewalks, and driveways to maintain a consistency of the surface appearance.

Additionally, we can use power washing to clean your front stoop, steps, paving stones, and walkways. Having these areas clean helps prevent slippage, falls, and injuries from any accumulated buildup.

Power washing also keeps the property looking its very best. We want to ensure that you love where you live that you contribute to beautifying your entire neighborhood.

What Is Soft Washing?

We use the soft washing process for the parts of your home that are prone to damage from high water pressure treatments. Soft washing allows us to wash your delicate siding, wood deck, and even your furniture without causing damage. It’s a perfect technique for window cleaning, too—in tandem with our squeegee squad!

We use soft washing to gently clean painted siding. However, if you want to strip paint to repaint your siding, we switch to power washing, which will effectively remove the paint. However, as we get closer to the foundation, we switch back to a softer spray level to avoid flooding the basement or crawl space.

Benefits of Pressure Washing in Rochester, MN

The benefits of pressure washing in Rochester, MN, through a cleaning service like Pro House Washers are far-reaching because you can treat every part of your home and other outdoor surfaces.

Pressure washing will make your lovely home retain its value by:

  • Stripping paint before you repaint the house
  • Cleaning hard surfaces to prevent germ buildup or falls and injuries from mold, algae, or oil
  • Keeping the house in top condition so that you can retain its value
  • Revealing any damage that your home may have incurred

Contact Us for a Pressure-Washing Solution

After you decide that it’s time to clean the exterior of your Rochester, MN, home, be sure to reach out to us at Pro House Washers for professional pressure washing and cleaning service, including both power washing and soft washing. We have the skills and knowledge about how to protect your property. Our team also brings the appropriate top-grade equipment and cleaning solutions for each area of your outdoor living space. Call us at 507-319-4431 or contact us online.

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