How Clean Windows Can Boost Energy Efficiency

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As a homeowner, you’re always looking for ways to make your home more energy-efficient, and cleaning your windows can be a great way to achieve this goal. This post will discuss how window cleaning in Rochester, MN, can boost energy efficiency and provide tips on getting the best results.

How Windows Impact Energy Efficiency

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the windows account for heat losses and gains equivalent to 25-30% of total energy usage. Dirty windows will reduce the amount of light entering your home, meaning less heating from the sun.

Therefore, your HVAC system will need to work harder to achieve the desired temperature in your home, resulting in higher energy bills. When you hire a professional window cleaner to keep your windows clean, you will save a significant amount on energy bills.

You will boost your home’s overall energy efficiency and reduce spending on electricity to keep everything at the desired temperature.

During the warmer months of summer, dirty windows can trap excess heat inside the house. The HVAC system will need to work harder to keep the temperature at comfortable levels, increasing energy bills. Besides increasing energy efficiency, keeping your windows clean also helps reduce the strain on your HVAC system, increasing its lifespan.

You can enjoy all the benefits of clean windows by investing in professional window cleaning in Rochester, MN.

Tips to Improve Window Energy Efficiency

Besides investing in a professional window cleaning service, there are several other measures you can take to improve window energy efficiency:

  • Clear debris from cracks: Debris wedged in window tracks and other cracks can make the windows not close tightly. Therefore, cold or hot air will leak, affecting your home’s energy efficiency. If you have double-hung windows, ensure you properly clean all areas that hide debris.
  • Seal gaps: Check all windows before cleaning to ensure proper sealing. Remove cracked, missing, or damaged sealant and apply fresh caulking to seal the gaps and prevent air infiltration.
  • Replace damaged windows: If your windows are old and in bad condition, they could be the reason behind your increasing energy bills. Consider replacing them as soon as possible.
  • Upgrade your windows: Window technology keeps evolving to improve functionality and efficiency. If your windows are outdated, replacing them with more modern options will significantly improve your home’s visual appeal and energy efficiency. When shopping for new windows, look for energy-efficient options that help minimize air leaks.
  • Install window coverings: Another excellent way to improve window energy efficiency is installing insulated curtains or window blinds. These coverings help trap the heat in the warm summer months, ensuring your home doesn’t have uncomfortable temperature levels.

Professional Window Cleaning in Rochester, MN

Now that you understand how cleaning windows can boost your home’s energy efficiency, it’s time to hire a professional power washing company to ensure the best results. At Pro House Washers, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality residential window cleaning services.

Get in touch with Pro House Washers today at (507)-319-4431 for quality window cleaning in Rochester, MN.

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