How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Home in Rochester, MN?

Pressure Washing Rochester MN

Having your home cleaned by a pressure washing Rochester, MN professional is a quick and cost-effective way to maintain its curb appeal and value. Besides extending your home’s life, it can keep mold and other pollutants away, protecting your loved ones’ health.

However, frequent pressure washing can damage your home, thanks to the powerful pressurized water. So, how often should you have your home pressure washed?

According to most pressure washing professionals, you should have your home pressure washed at least once every year. However, several factors will determine when to pressure wash your home in Rochester, MN.

Factors that Influence Pressure Washing in Rochester, MN


The best time to hire a professional pressure washer is during sunny days. If you have your property pressure washed during a rainy season, you will still have mildew and muddy splatter on your property at the end of the season. Professionals recommend pressure washing your property at the end of any season for the best results.

Discolored Roof

Your roof is predisposed to various contaminants and pollutants, including vegetation, bacteria, and fungus. If left unattended for a prolonged period, these contaminants can lead to discoloration of your roofing materials.

Mold is the primary cause of roof discoloration, and it can find its way into your home, posing a health hazard to your family. Call a reputable power washing professional as soon as you notice odd colors on your roof.

Stained and Dirty Deck

Another sign that it’s time to call a pressure washing Rochester MN professional is a disastrous deck. Accumulated charcoal dust, mud, grease, and food or drink stains can make your deck look neglected and unsightly. Professional pressure washing is an easy and cost-effective way to restore your deck to a like-new condition.

Bug Nests and Webs

It’s not uncommon to see webs and nests in your patio, deck, along the gutters, and other hidden areas of your home. However, if you start noticing too many of these nests and webs around your property, don’t hesitate to call a professional pressure cleaning service. Pressure washing can help prevent insect and bug infestation on your property.

Prepping Your Property for Painting

If you are considering repainting your property, you should have it power washed first. Even the best quality paint will have trouble sticking to a dirty or greasy surface. Furthermore, the paint job will look uneven on an improperly cleaned surface. Too much dirt may also lead to faster paint deterioration.

Preparing Your Home for Sale

We’ve seen that pressure washing is a cost-effective way to boost your property’s curb appeal and value. A home with well-kept exterior surfaces, such as driveways, sidewalks, and porches, will be more attractive to a potential buyer than one that looks neglected.

Get the Best Pressure Washing Services in Rochester, MN

If you are looking for a reliable pressure washing Rochester, MN professional that delivers quality work at a competitive price, look no further. Contact Pro House Washers today at (507) 259-5150 for the top pressure washing in Rochester, MN.

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