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Your roof protects you from the elements. Without your roof, your home would be downright unlivable. It’s wise to treat your roof the same way it treats you by guarding it against the harmful effects of mother nature.

Green patches on your roof indicate the presence of moss or lichen. If you live in a shady, moist area, your roof is susceptible to the growth of these harmful living organisms. Moss stubbornly attaches itself on and around your shingles, causing overall damage. This leads to expensive repairs and reduces the lifespan of your roof. 

If you’ve ever seen ugly black streaks on rooftops, then you already know what algae looks like. Aside from being an eyesore, they absorb rays of sunlight, making your house hotter. It costs more to cool your home in the summer if your roof has a considerable amount of these streaks.

Roof Cleaning Rochester MN

The biggest culprit is mold. If you see dark brown or black spots, you most likely have mold issues. Mold can cause serious health problems if you are close enough to be breathing it in. It can also damage the integrity of your roof, leading to costly repairs.

A dirty roof ruins your curb appeal. If your house is low enough to make roof stains visible to passersby, it will chase away potential buyers. It also decreases the overall value of the neighborhood. However, just because your roof isn’t aesthetically pleasing doesn’t mean you need a new one. It probably only needs a good cleaning.

Why Hire Professionals to Clean Your Roof?

There are many benefits to regular house washing.

Cleaning your roof on your own is a dangerous mission. There are many ways it can go wrong. You risk injuring yourself, severely damaging your roof, or both. Climbing atop your house with unfamiliar equipment isn’t something you should do unless you’re an experienced professional.

Pro House Washers team of dedicated cleaners safely remove unsightly grime from your rooftop. We do this without harming your shingles, gutters, pipes, or the roof itself. Shingles are more fragile than you think. Our team utilizes a soft-washing technique that cleans gently yet effectively.

Many opt to clean their roof themselves with a pressure washer. This is a bad idea. Some shingle manufacturers void your warranty when a pressure washer damages your roof. We use a low-pressure wash and remove bacteria with an environmentally safe detergent.

What You Can Expect From Us

Upon arrival, we inspect the roof and determine what issues you face. We tell you whether it’s worth cleaning or whether the roof is too old and needs repairs or replacement.

Pro House Washers trained professionals protect your shingles and your roof, as well as the surrounding landscape, throughout the cleaning process.

The enemies of your roof are our enemies. When we leave, those awful stains will be gone, and your roof will be free of harmful bacteria. It will look like you just picked it out of a catalog.

Clean Your Roof Today

The longer you wait to remove mold, algae, and other harmful growths, the bigger a problem it becomes for you and your family. Bacteria and fungi always return. It’s best to clean your roof annually. Pro House Washers saves you from costly repairs and keeps your home looking beautiful for many years to come.

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