Window Cleaning in Rochester, MN

Have your windows lost their clear, sparkly sheen? Contact us at Pro House Washers today for professional window cleaning services in Rochester, MN.

Our team will put more than 30 years of industry experience to work for you with complete window cleaning within a ten-mile radius of Rochester, MN. We use our expertise with soft-washing techniques to rid your windows of:

Other providers may only offer power-washing services. However, the powerful water pressure they use with that sort of cleaning can significantly harm your home if not handled properly. So, rely on our experience with soft washing technology that will not harm sensitive materials like wood or vinyl on windows.

Find out why our customers routinely give us five-star reviews. Please call now at 507-322-4372 to let our Pro House Washers team deliver quality window-cleaning services to your home.

Window Cleaning Rochester MN
Window Cleaning Rochester MN

Window Cleaning Can Help Prevent Illness

It may sound too good to be true, but you can lower your risk of exposure to viruses that cause colds, flus, and allergies simply by cleaning your windows. How and why? Because dirty windows can block nearly 40% of the natural light from coming into your home. Sadly, that sunlight is what normally protects your interior air by killing off bacteria and viruses floating around.

Maintaining a schedule of window cleaning can also prevent other potential health risks from dust. Windows with a dust buildup attract dust mites that can leave behind waste. Unfortunately, you or your family could experience allergic reactions leading to serious respiratory conditions because of harmful dust-mite toxins.

Another health risk you can avoid by cleaning windows is exposure to harmful pathogens from mold, mildew, or bird waste. Dirty windows that develop mold and mildew problems introduce spores that can cause illness when they get into the interior airflow of a home.
Even worse, windows with a buildup of bird waste can leave you vulnerable to up to 60 different ailments. Some of the conditions your family might develop include yeast infections, respiratory diseases, and allergic reactions leading to serious respiratory conditions.

Let us at Pro House Washers ease your concerns about home health hazards with professional window cleaning today.

Why Is House Washing A Good Idea?

Whether you want to impress guests or potential buyers, clean windows make a great first impression. Well-maintained windows make your home more inviting to visitors and potentially more eye-catching to those in the market for a new place.

Things like dirt, grime, dead insects, and animal waste can become corrosive and severely shorten the life of your windows if left untreated. Consequently, the costs to repair or replace windows can add up quickly to damage your wallet as well. Fortunately, you can avoid that with window cleaning.

Windows damaged by weathered or corroded seals can lead to leaks or problems with mold or mildew. The moisture from the leaks can spread mold damage into your home’s interior and compromise a window’s ability to keep cold or warm air out of a house.

Therefore, energy costs will eventually surge because your heating and cooling system must use more energy. But you can avoid sky-high energy bills with professional window cleaning from us at Pro House Washers.

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